presented by Jungle World, testcard, Noisey, Intro, The Gap and ByteFM:

Jun 22 2013: c/o pop (24h Summer Camp Kalk)

July 18 2013: Melt! Festival Pre-Party

Aug 02 2013: Café Wagner, Jena

Aug 03 2013: Jenseits von Millionen Festival

Aug 30 2013: K4, Nürnberg

Aug 31 2013: Torstraßenfestival

PTTRNS are a four-piece-band from Cologne, Germany. PTTRNS are friends, lovers, workers, dancers, theorists, shapes, colors and instants. PTTRNS are multiform. Benjamin Riedl, Daniel Mertens, Hendrik Frese and Patrick Hohlweck are PTTRNS. ¶ ›BODY PRESSURE‹ was released on April 12th on Altin Village & Mine Records. The artwork was done by Our Polite Society. Listen to the whole thing on Soundcloud or Bandcamp and check out the videos for Dialed In (by Sonja Deffner) or Strong Talk (made possible by DieBrüder). ¶ If you care to read more regularly updated websites, feel free to check out the Facebook page or the tumblr. ¶

For booking enquiries, you may get in touch with Marcel Schulz. ¶ You can download a presskit by clicking here. ¶

Previous releases by PTTRNS include, but are not limited to the first two installments of the ›LOVE QUEST‹ 12" series in 2011 (with remixes by Map.Ache and Downtown Party Network) and the ›SCIENCE PIÑATA‹ LP/CD in 2010, all of which on Altin Village & Mine Rec., except for ›SCIENCE PIÑATA‹, which was also released on MoorWorks in Japan.